Jim Wallace Seeks Republican Nomination for Governor

Jim Wallace

In a normal year Jim Wallace would have the right credentials to be Governor of the state. This isn’t a normal year, and the Republicans have an anointed candidate, Congressman Mike Pence. That, though, hasn’t stopped Wallace from campaigning hard for the Republican nomination. Wallace joined other Republicans in the Pulaski County 4-H Parade this week in Winamac.

“I grew up here in north-central Indiana,” he said. I went to Kankakee Valley High School. I was Senator Lugar’s first appointee at West Point and for nine years I was a combat pilot in the Army. I came back here the first chance I had and I’ve done a lot of stuff in local municipal politics.”

He’s got great credentials, graduating from the U.S. Military Academy and Harvard Business School. He was a helicopter pilot in the military, stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. Wallace realizes he has an uphill battle against Mike Pence.

“He and I had a chance to work at Mayor Goldsmith’s office. I’m bringing the business focus to the race. Mike’s bringing the social issues. We think that based on our work, Hoosiers are more concerned about economic security than social issues.”

State office holders in the parade included State Representatives Tom Dermody and Doug Gutwein, and State Senator Ed Charbonneau.