New Swing Set Installed at Sandy Acres Park

George Byer, Matt Whiles, Patrick Jesuit, and Clarence Marshall install the new swing set at Sandy Acres Park

Many people driving by the Sandy Acres Park on the south side of Knox have wondered what was going in the playground area.

“What we’ve got going here is a new swing set for Sandy Acres Park,” said Park Superintendent George Byer. “It was one that we purchased last Fall, we really didn’t have a chance to get it installed. This swing set will consist of two full swings on it and then we’ll have a toddler’s swing and a baby chair swing. At the very end, we will have a handicap swing. Everybody will get a chance to be able to play on this one. Along with that, we’ll have a six foot bench that will be between the little kids kingdom area and the swing set. This will make a very nice addition to Sandy Acres Park.”

The base will be filled in with playground mulch.