North Judson Town Board to Modify Building Permit Fees

North Judson Town Board: Dan Anderson, Wendy Hoppe, Jane Ellen Felchuk, Attorney Cassie Hine and Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller

The North Judson Town Board will be revisiting building permit fees. The current fee schedule states that a residential permit fee will be based upon the square footage of the project. The permit fee is $.15 per square foot of the building. The fee schedule does not include a separate allowance for commercial buildings. The fee schedule will be modified to reflect that change.

A pre-construction meeting was held between the North Judson Town Board and Gatlin Plumbing and Heating of Griffith concerning the sewer separation project on State Road 39. Traffic will not be detoured during the project. Flaggers will direct traffic around the construction. No start date has been determined, but when the project does get underway, the contractors have 90 days to complete it.