Parents Express Interest in Sending Children to Eastern Pulaski Schools, Not Culver

Monterey Elementary School

Monterey Town Board President Jim Fleury said this week that he and a group of residents in the town are exploring the possibility of withdrawing from the Culver Community School System. Fleury said a number of parents of children in Tippecanoe Township have expressed interest in sending their Elementary school students to Eastern Pulaski Schools instead of Culver.

A controversial decision by the Culver School Board to close Monterey Elementary was met with anger by many in the community. According to Fleury, there was an understanding 10 years ago that Monterey would remain open indefinitely.

According to Culver officials at the time of the announcement, the closing was done for financial reasons.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman said this week that approximately 40 students have requested transfer to Eastern Pulaski. The Board also said it would provide transportation into the school from pick-up points in the Township, not home pick-up and delivery. No tuition would be charged as student financial support now follows the child.

One of the problems is that if the Township does not withdraw from the Culver School Corporation, tax dollars would not go to Eastern Pulaski. Eastern Pulaski officials, though, have said they would annex the Township if it was somehow released from Culver.

A petition is being created for distribution throughout the Township to see what school system residents would prefer. It was reported that Eastern Pulaski had in no way initiated the effort.