Police and Fire Department Statistics for the Month of June

police badge

North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely reports that the North Judson Police Department received 361 incident calls in the month of June. There were 44 citizen assist calls, 71 traffic stops, 9 animal control calls, 20 theft-conversion calls, 21 juvenile-family disturbance calls, 12 mischief-vandalism calls, and 8 assaults, battery and/or fighting calls.

Officers completed 2 battery reports, 1 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated report, 1 burglary-robbery report, 6 thefts-conversion reports, and 1 mischief-vandalism report. Officers wrote 10 ordinance violation tickets, 54 traffic warnings, and made 8 adult arrests.

Knox City Police Chief, Clint Norem, has released the Department’s statistics from the month of June. The Knox City Police Department had 487 calls. Officers completed nine crash reports and had 42 incident reports. There were 2 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated arrests, 3 Public Intoxication arrests, 1 Battery arrest, 3 warrant arrests, and 7 juvenile arrests. 16 people were arrested on 21 traffic charges and 26 people were arrested on 55 criminal charges. 16 drug charges were filed.

North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department responded to 2 structure fires in the month of June, 1 grass/woods fire, 1 search and rescue call, and 3 vehicle accident assist calls. In the report, 3 of those calls were in Wayne Township, 1 in Jackson township and 2 were in Rich Grove Township. The Fire Department aided the San Pierre Fire Department in one accident call. The report was submitted by Fire Chief Joe Leszek.