Pulaski County Commissioners Agree to Provide Learning Center with Free Room

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Adult Learning Program of Pulaski County has been assured office space by the commissioners after being approached by Miche Grant, vice president of the Center of Workforce Innovation in Valparaiso, and Robert Hronum, teacher at the adult learning center.

The county currently provides office space at no cost to the center, allowing them to put more revenue into teacher resources and material instead of paying rent. Grant said the commissioners have been supportive of the program since the beginning, and that support has really paid off: since September, nine individuals have earned their GED, and two people left the program because they gained employment.

“Overall it’s been a very successful program. Numbers did start off a little low but they’ve picked up since. The jail program that ties into that has been extremely successful, with quite a few people getting their GEDs while there, and we’re continuing on building the program that’s outside the jail too,” said Hronum.

A motion was passed to allow the center to continue using the building provided by the county, ensuring that the program can continue to dedicate its resources on improvements, such as the online services that have recently been added to the program, allowing individuals to earn their GED online.