Pulaski County EMS Suffers Ambulance Woes

The Pulaski County EMS is in an inconvenient situation with one truck out of commission and another being serviced because it has been belching black smoke. Nicole Lowry asked the commissioners to approve the replacement of a 6 liter diesel engine with a 7.3 liter diesel engine, with an estimated cost of $20-$32,000. Wagner’s Performance Diesel will be performing the conversion, which includes changing wiring harnesses, as well as the electrical components in the vehicle, which makes it a pretty tough job.

On the bright side, this conversion is significantly cheaper than buying a new ambulance, which would cost at least $75,000. However, because they only have two trucks up and running, they do not have a transfer vehicle which means the EMS is losing about $10,000 a month by not doing transfers.

The ambulance in need of a new engine has been consistently giving the EMS trouble, and this is the third time the fuel injector system has malfunctioned and needed replaced. The other ambulance is having an issue with the turbo system, causing it to expel noxious black smoke.

“Right now, we do have both trucks up and running. We have a fleet of three complete, so we’re still able to run at full service, it’s just with the turbo we don’t want to do any further damage. So that’s why we’re getting it in and getting it looked at right now so we’re still up to par,” said Lowry.

The commissioners moved to approve the conversion, so it is only a matter of time before the EMS is back up to full working order.