Pulaski County Recycling Center to Purchase Mower

Knee-high grass is a thing of the past for the Pulaski County Recycling Center, thanks to the upcoming purchase of a Dixie Chopper from Bill’s Circle Mowers in Francesville, IN. While the grass wasn’t yet knee-high, it could have potentially grown that tall if the commissioners didn’t approve the purchase of a mower. Ed Clark of the recycling center has been using his personal mower to keep the grass trimmed, but Commissioner Kenneth Boswell felt uneasy about allowing county employees to use personal equipment.

The mower, with an estimated cost of $5000, will be serving not only several acres for the recycling center, but the highway department will be able to borrow the mower from the recycling center to perform some of their mowing duties.

“Sounds like we’ll be able to help out and do our six or seven acres of mowing as well as the county highway can borrow for their mowing. Sounds real good to me because I’m finally going to be able to have a mower!” said Clark.

The mower is expected to be used as soon as possible, with the order being placed sometime this week. Once the recycling center receives the mower, it is only a matter of time before Clark puts it through its paces.

The recycling center also reported a largely successful hazardous waste day Saturday, with two semis full of tires that people brought in to recycle. Seven pallets full of electronics were also brought in, including a large number of televisions and computer monitors.

An upcoming project for the recycling center is plans for pouring a concrete floor in a building used for storing equipment as well as bales of recyclables because they are required to be kept on concrete and not on grass.