Two Knox Residents Arrested on Burglary, Theft Charges

Rhonda Gayheart
Charles Barnett

Two Knox residents were arrested Friday on charges of Burglary and Theft.

Knox Police Department officers were called to the Woods Apartments for a report of burglary. Christopher Acevedo and Amanda Hamilton told police that when they returned home, a computer, an XBox system and games were missing from their residence. Police later went to the Pawn Shop and found that their XBox system was recently pawned. One suspect, Charles Barnett, allegedly pawned the XBox and tried to pawn the computer but didn’t know the password so the pawn shop would not accept that item. The other suspect, Rhonda Gayheart, then came into the store and stated that they were pawning the computer for a friend and didn’t know the password. After a while, Gayheart, who reportedly lives in the same apartment complex as the victims in the burglary incident, reported an attempted break-in at her apartment. She didn’t report anything stolen.

After an investigation, police found that Gayheart and Barnett are the prime suspects in the case and they were both arrested on preliminary charges of Burglary and Theft.