WKVI Celebrates 42nd Anniversary!

The first story that ever aired on WKVI

WKVI is celebrating 42 years of broadcasting today!  Be listening live for special guests throughout the day today!  Call in your favorite memory at 772-7600.  We’ll post pictures throughout the day.

Ted Hayes gets ready for his shift
Ted Hayes and Harold Welter, the first two DJs on the air on July 21st, 1969, take to the air again in 2011 and discuss the first live broadcast on WKVI
Tom Berg listens in as Harold and Ted tell of the first days of WKVI
Ted Hayes, Tom Berg, Harold Welter, Rich Wallen and Ed Hasnerl
Charlie Hasnerl and Rich Wallen talk about their broadcast days at WKVI
What's a Birthday/Anniversary celebration without the cake??
Ted Hayes and Ed Hasnerl
Nathan Welter talks about how he got started broadcasting sports on WKVI
WKVI Sports Team: Nathan Welter and Harold Welter now...

...and then
Ted Hayes and Traffic Manager/Salesman Chris Milner
Ted Hayes and LeRoy Gudeman, one of the founders of WKVI
Ted Hayes and Anita Goodan.