300 Sign Petition to Deannex Tippecanoe Township from Culver Schools

Monterey Elementary School

Over 300 signatures have been collected to deannex Tippecanoe Township from the Culver Community School District. The effort was made in response to the closing of the Monterey Elementary School.

At the time of the announcement of the closing, many in the township expressed their extreme displeasure, claiming it was promised that Monterey Elementary would stay open permanently. School officials in Culver said it was necessary to close the school as a cost cutting measure.

Monterey Elementary went through an extensive remodeling project 10 years ago.

If the deannexation process is able to be accomplished, the township would then presumably attach to the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation. A number of parents have already enrolled their students in that system and bus service into Tippecanoe Township is being provided into Winamac.

Monterey Town Board President Jim Fleury said that a major push to have petitions signed will be made during this weekend’s Monterey Days Festival.