City of Knox Two-Mile Jurisdiction Doesn’t Live Up to Name

Knox City Council (L to R) Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg, Ron Parker, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Mayor Rick Chambers, Attorney David Matsey, Ed Blue and Greg Matt

A discussion of Knox’s “two-mile jurisdiction” was held last week at the Knox City Council meeting. City Attorney David Matsey pointed out that the planning jurisdiction and zoning map do not correspond. On the zoning map that is registered in the county recorder’s office, some locations, particularly near the corners, are farther than two miles, and at least one to the west takes in less than a mile.

Matsey told the council members that the map in the recorder’s office is the only one that the city planning commission can enforce.

“If we want to do the full two mile jurisdiction we need to have a new map or description and have that recorded, so that we can enforce the zoning and the building permits and that. If it’s outside this area, we can’t enforce the building permits,” said Matsey.

Mayor Rick Chambers said that he had requested a price from Territorial Engineers to map the two-mile zone and they submitted a quote for $1775. Councilman Greg Matt, who is also the building and zoning inspector for the city, said that he has requested a map from GIF Mapping. The mayor and council agreed to wait for that map before proceeding on the two-mile jurisdiction situation.