Commissioners Receive Update on Grant Work by Bombagetti

Ted Bombagetti

When Ted Bombagetti was named the Emergency Management Agency Director, his appointment wasn’t without conditions. One such condition was that he monitor and file paperwork for various grants for the county. Bombagetti appeared before the county commissioners last week to give them an update on his success.

“This year alone we were able to get $38,744 brought back from my wage reimbursement and part of Mary-Lynn’s wage reimbursement. We did get the OK from FEMA, we will be receiving $34,352 for the repairs to the Robbins Ditch. Generators, I was able to acquire two 10K gas generators, an 8K diesel light tower, and I also have a 150K diesel portable generator. A lot of this equipment I got so it’s multifunctional use within the entire county. We had an EMS laptop go down, well, it just so happens the EMA had an extra laptop and we were able to filter it right in. Somewhere around here you’ll see a nice fax machine, printer, that was a piece of excess equipment from the EMA office and we’re just glad to be there in the time of need,” said Bombagetti.

Bombagetti will continue to apply for and monitor grants for the county.