Joe Donnelly Hopeful for Economic Improvement

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

Why can’t the nation’s unemployment rate improve?  In July, the rate did dip slightly from 9.2% to 9.1% but the number of unemployed people is still 139,000.

One person who is encouraged is Second District Representative Joe Donnelly who sees the economy ready to take off again soon.  He spoke with WKVI News about his take on the recent economy.

“We need more jobs, and we need to continue to invest in creating more jobs and more opportunity. We see that there’s a lot of investments sitting on the sideline and we need people to have more confidence, believe more that this is going to take off, and with additional confidence I think you’ll see jobs grow. The conditions are in place for jobs to be added, we’re very hopeful that we’ll see that. We’ve seen it in our district, and in fact, in a lot of ways almost led a good portion of the nation in terms of jobs coming back but we’ve got a long way to go,” said Donnelly.