Knox Kindergarten Teachers Conduct Home Visits

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Knox Community School Corporation, Peggy Shidaker, and seven teachers visited 120 incoming Kindergarten students at their homes to make sure the students and the parents are prepared for the new school year.

“When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by every parent in our school corporation of our incoming Kindergarteners and that was fantastic,” said Miss Shidaker. “We were able to take them a little Dr. Suess bag and in that Dr. Suess bag each student received a coloring activity book, an activity calendar that gets them ready for school and they received a book. The parents received a pamphlet called Making the Move to Kindergarten.”

Each Kindergarten student received a t-shirt donated by IU Health Starke Hospital and they will be wearing them on the first day of school. School begins for all Knox students on Tuesday, August 16th.