Monterey Elementary Building Suffers Vandalism

Monterey Elementary School

One of the biggest fears of closing down Monterey Elementary has become a reality: Vandalism of the old elementary school building. According to James Fleury, president of the Monterey Town Board, two windows were broken out of the school several weeks ago. He says if the vandalism continues, it could make the building an eyesore.

Superintendent Brad Schuldt told Fleury that a maintenance employee lives near the school, and has been assigned to make daily checks of the building. Schuldt says the board is committed to keeping the building maintained and would hate to see it fall into disrepair.

“The concern tonight was, of course, we want to keep that building in the best shape we can, and we want to do that, this Board is committed to doing that, and so we have to keep upkeep and so forth going on as these things happen, unfortunately,” said Schuldt.

Schuldt says that there have been at least two or three cases of vandalism reported at the school, including an outside pane that has had a hole in it for some time. He says the money is available to pay the custodial maintenance, as well as heating in the winter to prevent dilapidation or any further damage to the school.

Schuldt encourages everyone to report any suspicious activities to the police in order to prevent this kind of vandalism from occurring.

“If anybody in the area sees anything that’s not right, either with the building or with somebody’s activity around the building, they can either call the police or call the corporation if it involves repair and we’ll try to get right to it,” said Schuldt.

Fleury also requested permission to arrange for a transfer of the trophies and other memorabilia from the Monterey Elementary School building to the library or town hall to have them on display for the Monterey Days Festival. Schuldt said that shouldn’t be a problem, but a permanent move would have to be discussed by the board. He requested a list of the items Fleury would like to see moved. The item is expected to be discussed further at the next meeting on September 12th.