Pulaski County Commissioners Receive Complaints About Irrigation Sprayers

The Pulaski County Commissioners discussed agricultural irrigation during their recent meeting.

Commissioner Kenneth Boswell commented that he has gotten several complaints from drivers and motorcyclists about irrigation spraying ditch water into the roadway.  They are complaining that it’s stagnant ditch water and that it’s being sprayed into their vehicles if the windows are down and the slick road conditions could cause an accident.  Commission President Michael Tiede was asked to comment on the discussion after the meeting:

“I personally got calls about it from people riding motorcycles to new cars, you know, getting the stinky water on their cars or people having their T-tops open. Kevin Tankerslee, the county attorney, is thinking there might be a state law. He’s going to look into it and try to find out what can be done because this seems like a big concern,” said Tiede.