Pulaski County Jail Impresses State Inspectors

The Pulaski County Jail underwent an inspection last week by an inspector from the Indiana Department of Corrections.

In his report, Lee Hoard said that Sheriff Michael Gayer, Commander Phillip Cherry and the staff are to be commended on the maintenance of the jail. The jail is clean and the staff are professional and receptive to suggestions and recommendations. The offenders were interviewed and stated that the felt safe in the facility, the food was good and the staff treated them well. The only recommendation made was to provide two dates on leftover food: date in and date out.

The Pulaski County Jail was built in 1998, has a total of 128 beds and at the time of the inspection, 71 males and 3 females were incarcerated in the jail. The jail is an Indiana Department of Corrections Holding Jail and 20 inmates are being held right now for the DOC. Sixty beds are available for these inmates. All lighting and plumbing fixtures were deemed functional and all of the kitchen and security measures passed inspection. It was also noted that the staff offers programs in the jail: Religious classes and services, DOC Phase I and II Substance Abuse Programs, Celebrate Recovery, School Responsibility and I Really Want to Change.

Sheriff Gayer said, “Jail Commander Phil Cherry and his officers do an outstanding job keeping the facility clean and maintained properly. Phil and his staff deal with the movement of inmates to and from courts and correctional facilities, as well as the inmates’ day-to-day needs and care on a daily basis. They do so, with professionalism and compassion.”