Sabre Manufacturing to Expand

There is more good news on the economic front today. We recently reported on the proposed $1 million dollar expansion at Reagent Chemical and Research Inc. and now, Sabre Manufacturing is planning an expansion.

Attorney Ed Volk appeared before the Knox City Council this week to ask the members to designate a piece of land purchased by Sabre as an Economic Revitalization Area.

“Sabre will be investing substantial funds and I can’t tell you the exact amount because we’re still working with the numbers a little bit, but substantial funds have been spent on the property recently acquired and that’s to the East of where the plant now sits,” explained Volk.

Mr. Volk was asked if the renovation and equipment purchase would mean more hiring by Sabre.

“We anticipate there will be not only equipment but also more jobs. I believe right now we have 120 jobs on site and if you remember when we came to you the first time, we said we were hoping we were going to get 10 or so. We’ve done a little better than our expectations. We hope that’s going to continue. I hope the number that I give you at the next meeting also turns out to be minimal number but we’re going to give you a number that I know we can meet.”

The Council voted unanimously to designate the property an Economic Revitalization Area and will consider tax abatement at its first meeting in September.