Starke County Commissioners Approve Car Purchase for EMS Director

Paul Mathewson

EMS Director Paul Mathewson approached the Starke County Commissioners Monday and requested the purchase of a vehicle for EMS use, as per their original agreement when he was hired. Mathewson says that the car would be used to come to work, go home, respond to calls, visit hospitals and other business use, and could also be used as a chase vehicle.

The Commissioners did have one car in mind, but it is currently in a state of disrepair and would require $1,500 to get it fixed and road-worthy. The brakes, oil, and battery need replaced, and an intake gasket is leaking. The money is not in the EMS budget, so it would need to be appropriated by the Commissioners. The Commissioners moved to take $1,500 from the Cumulative Capital fund and pay for repairs to the vehicle. Mathewson was happy with the decision.

“They want to be able to give the EMS all the tools we need to make not only Starke County EMS a very successful place, but to make this transition as smooth as possible,” said Mathewson.

The vehicle will soon be repaired and given to Mathewson, but it is expected to later be given to EMA Director Ted Bombagetti and Mathewson would receive an alternate vehicle.