Starke County Food Pantry Receiving Donations to Help Families

Food Pantry

Cecilia Torres, Services Coordinator at the Starke County Food Pantry is seeing some donations coming into the facility which helps the 220 families the pantry serves each month.

“We’ve had a lot of organizations, a lot of people making donations, especially of the fresh vegetables. We’re really appreciative of that,” said Torres.

She has been getting a lot of donations this summer from children participating in summer camps:

“We’ve had a lot of the vacation bible schools, the children have collected money. In fact I just got one today that was from one of the vacation bible schools and they collected money during it and sent the check to us. So it was very needed, and we appreciate that,” said Torres.

Cecilia was asked if the demand at the food pantry changes once school starts:

“We don’t get that many families in because of the children getting the free breakfast and free lunch at school. But right now we’re in the in-between where people are spending money on school supplies, school clothing so they’re not using the money toward food. So they do come in to get that. We do have some school supplies that were donated, so if they are needing school supplies, we do have some here,” said Torres.

If you need assistance, call Cecilia at Community Services of Starke County at (574) 772-7070.