2010 Audit of Treasurer’s Office Received by Starke County Commissioners

Linda Belork

The Indiana State Board of Accounts has completed the 2010 audit of the Starke County Treasurer’s Office. Starke County officials have been anxious to receive the report that will complete the most recent bookkeeping activities in the Treasurer’s Office that the Board will audit. The report is now in the hands of county officials.

Treasurer Linda Belork was removed from office by the County Commissioners after irregularities in the 2009 accounts were reported by the State Board of Accounts. The Commissioners also removed the deputies from office and named Casey Clark and Michelle Snowdon to handle the day-to-day activities in the office until the matter is straightened out.

It was reported at the time that $636,618 in irregularities were discovered. Commission President, Dan Bridegroom, said yesterday that he needed to inform the other two Commissioners that the report is in. He had no comment on the 2010 release pending a review of the document.