Congressman Joe Donnelly Addresses Unemployment, Roads and Bridges

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

The economy has been on everyone’s minds lately as well as unemployment. Unemployment figures have stalled in the 9-9.5% rate and Second District Democrat Representative Joe Donnelly was asked if that rate can be lowered in the next six to 12 months.

“I’m hopeful we can reduce that number,” he replied. “We have seen the numbers in our area come down from where they were a few years ago, but we have a long, long way to go. We’re going to continue to work at that everyday. The sponsor of the American Work Act are trying to get the members of Congress to sign on to that to help us create more jobs so the effort is there right now.”

Donnelly was asked if he sees a slowing down of jobs leaving the United States for overseas and Mexican destinations.

“Apple computer has $76 billion in cash sitting in the bank and they make all of their products, or most of their products, overseas. We are the ones who provide the cash that has filled up their bank accounts. We buy their product so in effect we give them money and they take that money and send it overseas.”

President Obama’s latest proposal aimed at reducing unemployment is a $447 billion package. Part of the package is designed to provide the money and make it attractive to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure. Donnelly was asked if he thinks it has a chance getting through Congress, and about the infrastructure needs.

“I think it’s going to be a struggle to get through various part of the House, but if you look at what our needs are, we just saw that one of the two main bridges from Indiana to Kentucky can no longer be used because it’s not safe anymore. We have a road over in the East Chicago area, Cline Avenue, which they closed off. It’s the main artery for the entire northwest region. They closed it because it’s unsafe. We have roads and bridges begging for help at the same time while we are not moving forward with this so we need to put a roads and bridges package together. We need to get this done and we need to get this done now.”