Nathan Welter Named Starke United Campaign Chair

Nathan Welter gave an address as Starke United's Campaign Chair

The Starke United Campaign Kickoff Breakfast was held yesterday. The breakfast was sponsored by Integrity Trade Services and was prepared by the Country Kettle.

Announced as the 2011 Campaign Chair was Nathan Welter, who also acted as the Master of Ceremony for the event.

Those attending heard presentations by Board Chairperson Todd Zeltwanger and Starke United Director Julie Dessauer. Testimonials were given by Irene Szakonyi of the Starke County Youth Club and Peggy Shidaker of Knox Community Schools. The Key Note Speaker was Pastor Ed Hasnerl, who gave an inspiring “Talking of Many Things” presentation.

Numerous pacesetter checks were presented to end the festivities.

Following the event we talked with Nathan Welter, who is a sports reporter at WKVI, about his involvement with Starke United.

Starke United Director Julie Dessauer accepts a pacesetter check from Peggy Shidaker and the Knox Community School Corporation

“With Starke United, it’s one of the biggest leadership organizations we have in the entire county and it’s really helping launch Starke County into what I like to an elite status,” said Welter. “In order for Starke County to get there, we have to have help from the community.”

We asked Nathan why he accepted the campaign chair position.

Another pacesetter check was donated by Community Services of Starke County

“I’ve been in Starke County all my life and I’ve gotten so much from Starke County that when the opportunity to give something back presents itself, I jump on it, whatever the situation may be. In this case, it was Starke United. They asked me to come in and be a part. One thing that I’ve always believed is in order to lead to serve.”

Nathan commented that with the enthusiasm displayed at the breakfast, he knows the $50,000 campaign goal can be attained.

Julie Dessauer and Todd Zeltwanger

“Everyone that spoke today spoke with a great deal of enthusiasm and that’s a great word for Starke United. Everyone involved is very enthusiastic about getting Starke County into that upper echelon in the State of Indiana. The help and support of the community, the businesses and individuals who donate, helps Starke United. If you give a dollar day or a dollar a week, anything and everything helps.”