One-to-One Computer Initiative Running Smoothly at Knox Community Schools

Students in the Middle and High Schools in Knox have been participating in the one-to-one computer initiative and Superintendent, A.J. Gappa said that it’s going well so far.

“As we look at it today, two weeks into the school year, because all of the computers are wireless, it was not letting everybody on at the same time for a couple of days,” he said. “We had the experts that installed the wireless system in our schools come back and work through some glitches and the second week has gone much better. Kids are engaged, teachers are engaged and things seem to be going well at this point.”

The School Board signed a contract with Apple, Inc. to provide the students with their own Macbook for the school year to work on homework and learn computer applications to help them in their studies. The Board felt that this is a positive move as the future of education is moving toward technology and technological applications.