Recorder’s Office to Receive New Software

A major upgrade to the software used in the Pulaski County Recorder’s office is underway. The county commissioners approved a request from Recorder Lynn Wilder, who highly recommended an upgrade to software provided by Computer Systems, Inc. CEO/President Kevin Cook and Account Manager John Wood were also present to speak about the software.

With a cost of $45,452, the new software will be a vast improvement over the old software, which hasn’t been updated since 2003. The new software will be funded 100% out of the perpetuation fund, which is a fund which is primarily used for the preservation of documents through electronic means. After a storm caused a large server crash in her office, Wilder decided it was time to upgrade. She received three quotes for software: one from Manatron, which was too expensive and offered an inferior product; one from Fidlar, which was top-notch but extremely expensive; and one from Computer Systems, Inc., who offered the perfect price and excellent software.

“We’re very happy, and it’s been a pleasure working with Lynn through this process, so it’s been extremely fun for us and we’re very excited to be doing business with Pulaski County,” said Wood.

And the upgrade to the new software is just in time as well, as the recorder’s office has recently begun adding more information such as maps to their database. The office will also be saving about $14,000 in software support each year, and Computer Systems, Inc. is offering a five-year guarantee on the software as well.

Wilder tried to obtain a quote on new PCs, monitors, and a server from a local company, but the company elected not to provide a bid on the server because they felt they could not be competitive with the price Computer Systems, Inc. was offering. Ultimately, after Computer Systems, Inc. offered a free memory upgrade, Wilder decided to go with their hardware as well because of the support and the free upgrade to memory.

Wilder’s request was approved pending the contract’s review by County Attorney Kevin Tankerslee.