Senator Arnold Visits Starke County Commissioners and Council

Senator Jim Arnold

Sixth District State Senator, Jim Arnold, paid a visit to the Starke County Council and Commissioners this week. Arnold, who was assigned parts of Starke County in a new district, paid a courtesy call on both governing bodies, saying that the members can call him if they need help in any way. If elected in the 2012 election, Arnold’s new district will take in Davis, Oregon, Washington, Center, and Jackson Townships. Senator Ed Charbonneau will be left with only Railroad, Wayne, California, and North Bend townships.

Members of the council mentioned two topics they will be interested in during the 2012 legislative session. Those topics are the 9-1-1 and Police Pension Fund financing.

“Both of them will be addressed,” said Arnold. “I’m sure they will be discussed but I can’t say there will be bills filed. Everybody knows that 9-1-1 funding is falling short because of the cell phone usage. Pensions we know are going to be discussed because everybody is concerned about the pension shortfalls that we have and rightfully so. We’re going to have to take a serious look at this as to how these pensions are funded and make sure that they’re solvent, make sure that these people that do come on board to work are properly cared for and make sure that they buy into our future.”