Starke County Commissioners to Meet in Executive Session to Discuss Treasurer’s Audit

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners are getting together in Executive Session this afternoon to analyze the 2010 Treasurer’s audit released this week by the State Board of Accounts.

Although the report pointed out that there were hundreds of thousands of book-keeping discrepancies, all but $21,906 has been found. When granted access to the county’s bank account statements and depository records, County Auditor, Kay Chaffins, was able to investigate the material.

The Auditor has taken steps to remedy this situation and has made corrections totaling $869,050 for 2010 and $614,672 for 2011 in the County’s ledger.

Treasurer Linda Belork, who was removed from the office, responded to the audit. In a letter to a State Auditor, Belork said, “It makes everything harder when you do not get cooperation out of the County Commissioners or the Auditor’s Office. As you know, communication is a tool for success, and as you also know, that has been impossible when both the Commissioner and Auditor’s offices only wants to see you fail.”

She said that she had the right people in the right place but could not say how long they will stay with all the friction between other office holders and Commissioners. The letter was sent June 3rd, 2011.

The Commissioners will report their take on the audit with the media following their Executive Session this afternoon.

Click here to read the entire report from the State Board of Accounts.