Starke County Juvenile to Face Charges in Adult Court

Tyler Rudd

A Starke County juvenile has been waived to adult court to face six charges against him.

On August 19th, it is alleged that Tyler Rudd, 16, of North Judson, attempted to escape from an officer at the Muncie Reception and Detention Center after the officer had un-cuffed Rudd so he could use the bathroom. Rudd also reportedly used his thumb to poke the officer’s eye and he also hit him in the face causing a facial and eye injury. In this case, he has been charged with Battery as a Class C Felony and Battery as a Class D Felony and an additional charge of Attempted Escape, a Class C Felony.

In an earlier incident in July of this year, Rudd was charged with two counts of Felony Theft when he allegedly took property from Tracy and Donald Ford and stole a gun from Irvin McDaniel in June. Rudd was charged with a Misdemeanor Battery charge in July after he reportedly hit Donald Ford in the upper lip with brass knuckles, causing a laceration.

Rudd is currently in the Starke County Jail. Bond has been set for $25,000 surety on the charges of Battery and Attempted Escape and $5,000 surety on the remaining charges.