Starke County Landfill Close to Closure

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

Brian Horvath of Weaver and Boos Consultants gave a report to the Starke County Commissioners yesterday that indicates that they are getting closer to closing the old Starke County Landfill. Gas probes were installed over the summer and the Commissioners received a report this week of what information the company has gotten while monitoring the probes.

Horvath was asked what the next step is in getting the landfill closed.

“The next step is gas monitoring that is recorded quarterly,” he replied. “There’s also a requirement to do ground water monitoring and all this really started when the landfill first closed about 10 years ago. IDEM is trying to work through some these old closed landfills and trying to evaluate the gas issues and evaluate the ground water issues.”

The old landfill has not accepted waste and refuge, as Horvath said for approximately a decade.

“IDEM requires you to maintain it during a post-closure period and once you can demonstrate that there’s no gas issues, ground water issues or any other issues, then basically your permit goes away.”

The site is located on 750 East, just north of State Road 10.