Starke County Planning Commission Puts Final Touches on Proposed Dog Kennel Ordinance

The Starke County Planning Commission discussed the proposed dog kennel ordinance at their meeting last week.

Dan Bridegroom suggested that a commercial kennel definition in the form of an I.C. code be added to the ordinance. Bruce Williams, Administrator/Building Commissioner, suggested adding the phrase “more than four and less than 20 unaltered female dogs that are at least twelve months of age” to the ordinance under commercial kennel definition. Commission Counsel, Steve Dodge, added that if more than four male or female dogs are at one residence, the homeowner will need a kennel license. The changes were approved by a vote of 5-3 and now the revised ordinance will be sent back to the Commissioners for their approval.

Butch Ritchie, President of the Starke County Planning Commission, suggested that they adopt a fee schedule for the dog kennels. The Committee discussed the fees to be based on a major kennel, which is more than 15 dogs, or minor kennel, which is less than 15 dogs. The Board voted to hold a public hearing in October to adopt a fee schedule for dog kennels if the Dog Kennel Ordinance is approved by the Commissioners.