Two Arrested on Charges of Residential Entry

Starke County Sheriff’s Department officers arrested a Knox and a North Judson resident Wednesday night after they were found to be in a residence in which they were not allowed.

Officers were called to a residence on 150 North where a woman taking care of the homeowner’s children tried to gain entry into the home to gather clothes for the children. When she put the key in the door, the door simply pushed open. She told officers that she locked the door before she left the home earlier in the day. When officers arrived on scene, they saw a different woman, Kristen Thompson, coming out of the home. She was asked if anyone else was in the home and she said Donnie Fletcher was in the home. Officers called for Fletcher to come out of the house and he didn’t answer. While searching the home, they heard a crash from the garage and found Fletcher standing on the stair platform. He was placed into custody. Police found methamphetamine related items and the finished product in the residence. A search warrant was issued to collect the items.

Kristen Thompson, 34, of Knox, and Donnie Fletcher, 43, of North Judson, were arrested on charges of Residential Entry and Habitual Offender.