Winamac Brothers Arrested after Incident

Brandon Gamblin
Nathan Gamblin

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department officers arrested two brothers after an incident Monday.

Police learned of the whereabouts of Brandon Gamblin, of Winamac, and attempted to locate him as he had a warrant out for his arrest. Police arrived at the residence on U.S. 35 but he was not there. Later, officers observed a vehicle approaching the residence that matched the description of the vehicle that Gamblin’s brother, Nathan, drives. Police asked Nathan Gamblin where his brother was and he stated that he didn’t know. He was later found inside the residence and taken into custody.

Brandon Gamblin was wanted on a warrant for Domestic Battery in the Presence of a Child, a Class D Felony. Nathan Gamblin told police that he lied to them about his brother’s whereabouts so he would avoid being arrested. Nathan Gamblin was arrested and formal charges are pending. Prosecutor Stacey Mrak said that the report will be reviewed and he will either be charged with Assisting a Criminal or False Informing, both of which are Misdemeanor charges. Brandon and Nathan Gamblin have both bonded out of the Pulaski County Jail.