Funeral Services Held for Drew Shearin

Drew Shearin

On the first Sunday following the death of a popular student a week ago, the clergy of the community used the occasion to pray for and ask comfort for the family and friends. By the outpouring of sorrow all last week, the student body of Knox High School and the community at large showed what an impact Drew Shearin had on all who knew him.

Before hundreds of those in his services Friday night, his youth pastor, Rev. Rick Martin, put it best in his closing prayer.

“I think now is a time for laughter and grief because I remember Drew and the good times,” said Rev. Martin. “He was a joy to have in my youth group and as we all sit here tonight, let us pray. Most gracious Heavenly Father, Lord, once again we come before you thinking of Drew and times shared. We thank You for the opportunities that we’ve had to be part of Drew and he in us. We know that there is some composition in Heaven tonight.

All in attendance that night had mentioned Drew’s love of music, his striving for greatness, and his hopes for the Knox Redskin Brigade in competition the next day.