Jim Carr Found Guilty of Murder in New Trial

James “Jim” Carr, former Pulaski County Journal reporter, has been found guilty of Murder after a four day trial in Fulton Superior Court. A jury found him guilty in the death of Roy A. Shaffer in November 2006.

Shaffer was renting a home from Carr in Monterey when Carr shot Shaffer in the face with a shotgun. He then told a woman about the incident when she drove him home from a tavern.

Carr was previously found guilty of murder in 2009 and sentenced to 55 years in prison. The murder conviction was overturned when the Indiana Supreme Court found that Carr’s right to counsel was violated during his interrogation.

A new trial was ordered and it was held last week in Fulton Superior Court. The guilty verdict was delivered on Friday, October 7th. Sentencing is set for November 4th.