Knox City Council Discusses Gun Purchase for Police Department

The Knox City Council heard Mayor Rick Chambers talk about police hand guns last week. The police officers are in line for new guns, and the Mayor talked about the Sig Sauer 40 caliber guns that Chief Clint Norem is recommending.

“We’re needing to update the police department’s hand guns,” said Mayor Chambers. “Clint has gotten quotes from Sig Sauer. What I didn’t know was Jeff made this a cumulative fund item for next year. We will just wait until the first of the year to order these, but a new Sig, model 229, is $650. The old guns have a trade-in value of $375. What I would like the Council’s permission for is to offer these to our officers for purchase at $375 instead of trading them in. Whatever guns the officers don’t buy, we’ll trade them in for $375 so we’re not losing any money.”

The Council voted unanimously to let the officers buy back the guns, pending further review from City Attorney, David Matsey.