Knox Residents are Encouraged to Increase Recycling Efforts

Residents in Knox are being asked to do a better job of recycling. Kevin Boyce, of Waste Management, appeared before the Knox City Council this week to talk about a new five year contract. In the course of the presentation, Boyce talked about landfill tons collected, in comparison to recycle tons.

Boyce said he would like to see more people participating in recycling, hopefully getting the percentage of landfill waste to recycle items to around 30%.

“I guarantee you that if we take you to 30% in this community, there’s not anyone around in a 60 mile radius that’s going to have a percentage diversion rate nearly as good as yours,” said Boyce.

Boyce said the company is going to help promote recycling in the community by offering incentive programs. The first program would go through the schools.

“We have a couple of partnerships, one with Pepsi Co., who would do a dream machine program within the schools. That is a scan system where you can scan pop cans and plastic beverage bottles, and earn rewards points back for the school.”

In addition to that, Boyce said the company would provide containers with scanners on them at sporting events. For the homeowner, there would also be a recycling bank in which residents can earn points to earn gift cards from retailers.

The contract, which needs to be signed before February, would freeze cost for two years and after that, it would go up 3% a year for the next three years in the five year contract.

The council took the contract information under advisement.