Meet the Candidates for Hamlet Clerk-Treasurer

Voters in the town of Hamlet will be electing a new Clerk-Treasurer on November 8th. Current Hamlet Town Clerk-Treasurer, Neva Johnson, has decided to step down, and both the Democrats and Republicans have selected candidates who are working hard to fill the position.

Democrat Christy Pitts is one of those candidates and she has lived in Hamlet for 10 years. She’s married and has three children in the Oregon-Davis School system. She told WKVI news that she loves the community and is anxious to serve.

“I live close by and I have the time to devote to be in the office,” said Pitts. “From what Cheryl Runkle tells me, it sounds like an interesting job.”

We asked her what she would like to see done to improve the town and how she is preparing for serving in the office.

“I’d like to help clean up the town. With the Sysco plant possibly coming in, I’ll be gearing up for the increased duties that I would have. I’ve been talking to Cheryl Runkle, the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, and she’s been helping me understand the job.”

Republican candidate, Debbie Goble, is a lifelong resident of Hamlet. She’s married and graduated from Oregon-Davis High School, and has children and grandchildren who did or are attending Oregon-Davis. She, too, said she loves the town, and would like serve as the Clerk-Treasurer.

“I worked as the Deputy Clerk for nine years, five years with Elaine and four years with Mariam and I worked for a short time with Neva,” said Goble. “I’ve got the experience and I hope to do some good for the town if elected for that position.”

We asked her about what she would like to see done to improve the town, and how she would assess what else is needed.

“I know we’ve had some trouble with sidewalks and people need sidewalks. I’d listen to the people and what they have to say. I may not always agree with what they have to say, but I’ll listen and try to do what’s good for the town and for the people.”