North Judson-San Pierre Middle School Principal Makes Good on Promise

One lucky student got the first chance to shave Principal Kelly Shepherd's head. The assembly took place on Friday, September 30th

Students from the North Judson-San Pierre Middle School recently held the 6th annual Walk for Wellness and they were able to raise $9,070. Middle School Principal, Kelly Shepherd, said that if the students raised $10,000, students could shave his head. Mr. Shepherd said that even though they didn’t raise the $10,000, the students did such a good job and he would let them shave his head. Mr. Wes Radtke and Mr. Phil Shabi allowed the students to color their hair. Mr. Shepherd was nice to send us the pictures of the fun the students had as part of this fundraiser. 

Students who raised a hundred dollars or more got the chance to take an additional field trip to the Plymouth Lifeplex where they will play basketball, dodgeball, racquetball, and go swimming.

The money raised will be used to repair and replace equipment in the fitness area.