November Election to Offer Only Contested Races on Ballot

The November General Election is now less than one month away. Voters will be selecting a Clerk-Treasurer, Town Council members and Mayors, in some cases in this Municipal Election.

For the City of Knox, only one race is contested and that is the City Council District One race with candidates Don Kring, a Democrat and Republican Thom Morin. That will be the only race that will appear on the ballot. This year’s legislature approved the printing of only contested races on this year’s ballot. Starke County Clerk, Evelyn Skronski, said that may cause some confusion for voters.

“I think it will confuse voters especially when they get to the polling places, or early voting, because it won’t show up on the ballot and they’re going to wonder what happened to everybody,” said Skronski.

Even though the only contested race in Knox is in District 1, all voters in Center Township Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are eligible, and encouraged, to vote. Knox City Council candidates in Districts 2, 3, and 4, the Mayor, and Clerk-Treasurer candidates will not appear on the ballot.

If you would like to clear up any confusion before Election Day, go to the Courthouse tomorrow to practice voting.

“On the 11th of October at 1:00 p.m., we have public testing of the voting machines. So if they come then they can look at the ballot and practice voting. It’s open to all voters, anybody can come. It’s in the Courthouse on the first floor,” explained Skronski.

The race in Knox is not the only contested race that will appear on ballots in Starke County.

“There’s Clerk-Treasurer race in North Judson, as well as a Council race and there’s the Clerk-Treasurer in Hamlet and a Council race.”

Skronski was asked if she thinks there will be a good turnout at the polls.

“You know, it’s a City election and it’s smaller, but there’s a whole lot of interest that generates from the small elections. It’s always an interesting day for an election.”

If you have any further questions about the November Election, call 772-9160.