Pulaski County Planning Commission to Present Zoning Maps to Commissioners

As one of a handful of counties north of Indianapolis still without zoning regulation, Pulaski County is under some pressure to get their zoning under control. As a solution, the Planning Commission has put together a presentation of all the planning documents, including maps of Pulaski County that detail how the land is being used in terms of businesses, cemeteries, residential areas, and agricultural areas.

Planning Commission President Don Good told WKVI that they’ve done their part in preparing the proposal. The documents will be presented to the county commissioners at their next meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, at which point the commissioners will have to discuss funding and implementation.

“Our job at this point is kind of done, it was mainly bringing these proposals forward so then it falls on the commissioners’ desk to decide where they go from here,” said Good.

One of the biggest problems with the construction of this proposal was starting from scratch. The Planning Commission relied heavily on what other communities have done, but adapted the proposal into something representative of Pulaski County and its strong farming economy.

“It’s a rural community, we did not feel like we wanted to put something overly oppressive that required people to unduly go through a lot of red tape but we wanted to put enough there to protect them,” said Good.

No decisions have been made at this point, and the presentation is just informational. The commissioners will have to review the information and decide whether or not to implement it.