Starke County Sheriff Donates Golf Outing Money to Charity

Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Sheriff Oscar Cowen

In past years, Starke County Sheriff Oscar Cowen has held a golf tournament to help finance his political campaigns. This year, Sheriff Cowen will donate the money to charity. The tournament raised $2,115.00, and Cowen has named a charity that will benefit from the fundraiser.

“Two Starke County girls that were well known, Christina Rotering and Ashley Derrickson, who succumbed to cancer, I thought that would be a good cause to donate the money to.”

Both girls, Christina who went to Oregon-Davis, and Ashley who went to North Judson-San Pierre, will now be remembered forever through this effort. Christina and Ashley were true inspirations to their classmates, and community members. We asked Sheriff Cowen how the money will be handled.

“Jerry Gurrado from the SCILL Center brought the Community Foundation to my attention and introduced me to Terri Johnson. It turned out great. All the money is kept in Starke County and will be put into the Communty Foundation fund under the names of Christina Rotering and Ashley Derrickson.”

Sheriff Cowen hopes to do another fundraiser next year.

“Now, since we have a reason, another purpose, to raise the money, we will continue this fundraiser. It’s been said that the first weekend of October will be set to raise money for this fund.”