WKVI Takes the Morning Show Outdoors

Jayme Goetz, Nathan Welter, Anita Goodan, Tom Berg, and Ed Hasnerl enjoy taking part in the first "Fresh Air Friday"

WKVI morning man, Tom Berg, plus Anita Goodan, Nathan Welter and Ed Hasnerl greeted people driving by the radio station this morning as the morning show went outside for the day. The staff enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and continue to enjoy the traffic driving by the station. Stop by and enjoy donuts from Fingerhut Bakery (Anita is in a sharing mood today) and look at an electric car from the Cambe dealership in Knox. Thank you to Five Star and Schwan’s for food today!  A bouncy house is set up so you can take advantage of some stress release, thanks to Jumps “R” Us.  Thanks to Lenny Dessauer for helping to set up everything today!

Joan Haugh, Director of Community Services of Starke County, stopped by to chat
Tom Berg
Jayme Goetz, Tom Berg and Nathan Welter have fun in the bouncy house!
The Cambe dealership let us have an electric car to show listeners throughout the day. This car is a Chevrolet Volt and it is completely run on electricity!
Some listeners stopped by to check out the Chevy Volt!

Greg Rudd and Jeff Cambe from the Cambe dealership talked with Tom Berg about the 2012 Chevy Volt that was on display at WKVI
We had some kids taking advantage of the bouncy house!
Craige Phipps stopped to take a picture of the WKVI crew this morning! Thanks, Craige!
Two listeners from Wintersong Village told us, "You guys are having waaaay to much fun out here!" Yes we did!
Lenny Dessauer had a chance to broadcast outside too!
Tom Berg and Pat Dunn joined Lenny during his afternoon show. A couple of listeners also dropped in to talk on the radio and jump in the bouncy house