Changes in Immunization Requirements Take Effect January 1st, 2012

Immunization eligibility requirements are changing as of January 1st, 2012.

All childhood immunizations are administered by the local health departments for free of charge, but due to funding constraints, eligibility requirements are changing. The State will only be providing childhood vaccines to the local health departments that have patrons who are on any type of Medicaid insurance, who are American Indian/Alaskan Native children, and those who are underinsured. “Underinsured” is defined as having no insurance, insurance that does not cover vaccines or the insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount.

According to Pulaski County Health Nurse, Andrea Keller, the Health Department is committed to immunizing children. Along with the State Department of Health, they are continuing to search for possibilities to vaccinate everyone. Until a solution is found, this policy will be in effect as of January 1st and if you have any questions, call the Pulaski County Health Department at (574) 946-6080.