Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry Fills up after Pumpkin Drop

Community Services of Starke County
Community Services of Starke County

The Second Annual WKVI Great Pumpkin Drop has filled the Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry, for now.

We asked Cecilia Torres-Bowman, Services Coordinator at the Starke County Food Pantry if she could use all of the food brought to the location.

“Oh yes,” said Torres-Bowman. “Everything that came in we can use. Everything. It’s so good to look on the shelves and see so much food.”

And because pulling the cord on the 1,200 pound pumpkin that dropped to the ground brought in $525.00 in cash, more meat can be purchased.

“We spend three to four hundred dollars just about every week on meat, so that is definitely a plus.”

Cecilia wanted to pass along a special thank you to some of the people who supported the effort at the Pumpkin Drop.

“I’d like to thank Jack Bell, Tom Berg of course, and Ed and Debbie Troike for all they did for the pumpkin drop in getting all of the donations for the food. I appreciate it so much.”

But the pantry can be cleared out fast, so Cecilia asked to please keep contributing.

“We’re holding steady at about 250-260 a month now. I’m waiting for the holidays now. We do get a lot of food for the holidays and I appreciate that, but it quickly comes in and then it quickly goes back out. Bring us any canned goods you can, but corn. The government loaded us down with corn. Soups, cereals, oatmeal, and stews. We could really use those.”