Five Arrested in LaPorte on Drug Charges

Five people were arrested after a drug raid in LaPorte County.

Investigators from the Metro Operations Unit and detectives from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office conducted surveillance in the 300 block of State Street in LaPorte for drug activity. When officers saw a suspect enter the area, officers approached him and he fled. Michael Mikowski, of LaPorte, was quickly apprehended and a K9 found crack cocaine in his possession. He was arrested on preliminary charges of Dealing Cocaine and Resisting Law Enforcement.

During a search of Mikowski’s home, Takada Hodges of Chicago and Marcus Koehn of LaPorte were found to have drug paraphernalia and cocaine and heroin in their possession. They were arrested on preliminary charges of Dealing Cocaine and Dealing a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, both Class A Felonies.

In the course of the investigation, several people arrived at the home to purchase narcotics. Shannon Vandusen, of Kingsford Heights, and Deandre Williams, of Westville, were arrested on preliminary charges of Visiting a Common Nuisance, a Class B Misdemeanor. Another person who attempted to buy drugs, Martin McGee, of LaPorte, was taken into custody on an active warrant for Failure to Appear.

All were taken to the LaPorte County Jail.