Four Arrested after Meth Precursors Found

Four people were arrested in Knox on Friday after police responded to a call of possible drug activity.

Knox City Police Department officers were called to Smith Farm Store’s parking lot where police questioned four people reportedly involved in the incident. After a search into shopping bags and the vehicle, they were found to be in possession of fuel and decongestant tablets commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Casey Hardesty, of Plymouth, and Jeffrey R. Knoebel, of Grovertown, were arrested on a preliminary charge of Illegal Drug Lab-Precursors. Phillip Shriver, of Plymouth, was arrested on preliminary charges of Illegal Drug Lab-Precursors and Possession of a Syringe and Kenneth Schoff, of Hamlet, was arrested on a preliminary charges of Illegal Drug Lab-Precursors and Conversion. Hardesty, Knoebel, Shriver, and Schoff were in possession of more than one precursor at the time of their arrest which gives them a charge of Illegal Drug Lab-Precursor.