Four Provisional Ballots Remain Uncounted in North Judson Clerk-Treasurer’s Race

The recent municipal election in North Judson had Republican Donna Henry defeating incumbent Democrat Connie Miller for Clerk-Treasurer by four votes. Even though it would be a very slim chance, that specific election could end up tied because there are still four provisional votes out.

“Provisional ballots are going to be looked at at 10:00 a.m. on Friday which is the ten day deadline to come up to the Clerk’s Office and show us your ID, or if it’s a voting line problem, then we would determine that also,” said Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski. “There’s four provisional ballots in North Judson and one provisional in Knox.”

“A provisional ballot is if they’re not on the poll list, they have to vote a provisional ballot until it can be determined if they are an actual voter in the towns. If they’ve not registered there and they come and say, ‘My ID says this’, we have to determine whether or not they were properly registered.”

Skronski said she has not heard anything about a recount in that race.

“The people who would want a recount have until Noon on November 22nd to file that,” said Skronski.

Even though voting was high in the North Judson precincts, it was not great in Knox and Hamlet. Skronski was asked if she thought voting was held down because only the contested races were on the ballot.

“I’m very certain that that was part of the reason why people didn’t want to turn out. They didn’t see their favorite candidate on there opposed or unopposed. I have had a comment made to me, ‘If I had known this, I wouldn’t have even bothered.'”

Here are the voting percentages by precinct:
Center 1: 15.3%
Center 2: 21.61%
Center 3: 8.72%
Center 4: 12.79%
Oregon: 17.32%
Davis: 25.31%
Wayne 1: 37.96%
Wayne 2: 28.63%
Wayne 4: 35.60%