Janeen Berndt to Leave Ancilla College

Janeen Berndt

After spending eight years as a member of the nursing faculty at Ancilla College, Janeen Berndt is ready to move on—much to the sadness of her coworkers.
Berndt was the first full-time nursing faculty member that was hired at Ancilla, and currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Nursing. She recently found an opportunity to work at Western Governors University as a Student Mentor, and she feels that’s an opportunity she cannot pass up.

Berndt said it would give her the extra time to spend with her children, and she’s excited for the position because it will give her the opportunity to work with graduate students. Berndt said she will miss the faculty and the students more than anything, and said leaving Ancilla will be like leaving her family.

Berndt applied for the position at Western Governors University about a month ago after hearing advertisements for the position on the radio. With her contract coming to a close and the time nearing to decide whether or not to renew it, Berndt chose to start looking at other positions available and found that this university was hiring student mentors.

Ancilla College was Berndt’s first position in the field of higher education, but she has held other positions in various hospitals as well. After taking a lot of her prerequisite classes at Ancilla, she earned her undergraduate nursing degree from Bethel College and her master’s degree in Valparaiso. She has plans to finish her doctorate in May for nursing as well.

A 1989 Knox High School graduate, Berndt has stayed loyal to the area. With her husband of 11 years, Keith, beside her, she plans to keep it that way.

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