Linda Belork’s Attorney Files Challenge to Thursday Night’s Caucus

Linda Belork

The attorney for Linda Belork has notified Starke County Democrat Chairman, Kenny Wallace, that he, on behalf of his client, is challenging the right of the party to hold a caucus Thursday night, December 1st to name a new Starke County Treasurer.

Belork was removed from office by county officials in August when a State Board of Accounts report noted funding discrepancies totaling thousands of dollars. Those discrepancies eventually were resolved, but Belork was never reinstated to the office.

Belork’s attorney, Ethan Lowe, pointed out that the Starke County Commissioners have filed a lawsuit against his client and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order Without Notice prohibiting her from fulfilling her duties as the elected Starke County Treasurer.

Lowe has filed both a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit and a Motion to Dissolve the Temporary Restraining Order contending that the Commissioners’ actions in filing the lawsuit and obtaining the Restraining Order were in violation of Indiana law.

He further said Belork is requesting that the party voluntarily agree to cancel the caucus.

County Chairman Wallace told WKVI News Monday that the caucus would proceed and a new treasurer will be selected. If Belork is successful in her suit, and a bond can be secured for her, she will be recognized by the party as the Treasurer and the person selected Thursday night will be asked to move aside.